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Spawning Fish and Upcoming Events!

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It's that time of the year and love is in the air for the brown trout. A few days ago every bit of gravel became a redd on Beaver Creek behind the store. These fish need a good spawn this year to make up for the last two which were not good. We have a little more water in the creek this year which should hopefully cut out some of the predation and also help eliminate some of the stresses for the trout as they begin to spawn. Please do your part as a conservationist and an angler, and avoid walking on gravel in the stream and stepping on redds or causing unnecessary stress to the spawning fish by fishing to them. Deep holes with mucky bottoms are fine to fish, as are rising fish with midges. Generally these are not spawning trout. Not all trout will spawn at the same time in a river and there are also plenty of juveniles who are not sexually mature yet. We just need to do our part to make sure we protect the future of our fisheries! 

Don't miss out on another Free Fly Tying class on Saturday November 25th at 11 am with Art Overcash. We will be tying a Muddler Minnow. Materials are available at the shop for purchase. Please bring your vise and tools. If you have any questions please contact us @301 393 9090

Chuck Kraft will be here on Saturday December 9th doing fly tying demos for a few his signature patterns! Some of his flies include the Kreelex Minnow, Clawdad and the CK Baitfish. Please come out and join us for this great event!