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Big Sales This Week!

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With James leaving for a Montana fishing trip, I’ve decided to have a Manager’s Sale. We’ll call it the “James is out of town Sale!”

This will be the first Sale that Beaver Creek Fly Shop has ever had. The details of the Sale are too numerous to list, but I promise that we're offering the biggest discounts we have ever given to customers in our six years of business. So it will be worth stopping in for!

The Sale will run from 12PM on Tuesday the 24th of October until 4PM on Sunday the 29th of October. The Sale is for in store stock items only, and will not include phone or internet orders or any special orders. The Sale will have two special event days. Thursday is Tiers Day with 10% off all tying materials, and Fly Line Friday with a 10% discount on select fly lines.

You don’t want to miss this Sale! Once James is back, the deals are off.