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Fly Tying Classes and Shop Events

Thursday May 10th Beer Tie at Antietam Brewery 7pm- 9pm 

140 Western Maryland Parkway

Hagerstown, Md

Bring your vise, tools and materials to tie whatever you'd like. There is power, so bring a light if you have one to travel with. 


May 26th Free Fly Tying Class at the store

Bass & Panfish season is upon us and it's time to start tying up poppers and streamers for these fun fighting fish.

Art will be holding a popper tying class Saturday the 26th of May from 11AM to 2PM. He will be using the Master Popper Kit we carry in the shop. We highly recommend purchasing this kit for the class as it has all the materials, glue, hooks, and thread to tie 12 poppers. 

The Master Popper Kit is 29.00, however kits purchased for class will receive a 25% Discount the day of the class. So bring your vise, a few tools, pick up a kit, and you'll be set.