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Pure-strain, wild, Northern Muskellunge are what we're after for these trips. They are not stocked fish and they are not hybrid Tiger Muskies. We fish the Upper Potomac River for these beautiful, fierce creatures. There is a very healthy population of these fish and they eat flies really well. After spending many, many years figuring these fish out, Tom is able to consistently put clients on fish. Nothing about musky fishing is easy though. The flies are extremely large, the rods are heavy and you must concentrate on every move you make. The payoff for all the hardwork is one of the largest and most incredible fish you will find in freshwater. If this sounds like it's something you want to do, we are here to make it happen. These trips are extremely dependent on weather and water conditions. Trips run from October-March depending on conditions at the time.


All trips include flies, leaders, tippet and everything you need. We provide Sage, Redington and Scott fly rods and Lamson, Redington and Ross reels. For fly lines, we use Rio and Scientific Anglers lines.  All full day trips also include lunch.


Musky trips are $400 for one angler

$475 for two anglers

*Gratuity NOT included