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Summer Fishing

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*Beaver Creek is running at good levels for this time of year. Ants, beetles and midges are the top flies right now. It's always a good idea to have a few cressbugs and scuds as well. Pretty soon we'll start seeing more hoppers and crickets and who doesn't love hopper fishing? 

*Big Hunting Creek and Catoctin Mountain streams have dropped now. Low water and spooky fish. Terrestrials, Yellow Sallies and Caddis will all make an appearance at times. 

*Savage River is running at pretty good and is fishing well. March Browns are still coming off, along with good terrestrial fishing. If flows are 75-150 cfs, it's in prime shape for the summer. 

*Upper Potomac is finally shaping up. Murdich minnows, Clousers, divers and poppers are in full swing. If you're wade fishing, make sure the Point of Rocks gauge is at 1.75 feet. Check the gauge below.