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8/16/16 Summer Report

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Beaver Creek is still fishing well with ants, beetles and crickets. There have been a few tricos here and there if you're lucky enough to catch a spinner fall in the morning or a small hatch in the evening. Midges and scuds work well if you're in the mood to nymph. Honestly though, these fish are looking up in here if you're patient and I wouldn't bother with much more than a dry dropper for nymphing. Sit back and let the fish show you where they are and pick them off. If you blind cast too much, you'll end up putting down the big fish and catching all the little guys.

The Savage is one of my favorite terrestrial fishing spots. Grasshoppers, crickets, beetles and ants are perfect right now. Another go to out there is a stimulator with a small pheasant tail or prince nymph off the back fished through the pocket water. There are a few Pale Evening Duns and midges around. Caddis will generally make an appearance as well. 

Upper Potomac Smallmouth Bass fishing is going into prime time approaching September. Keep seeing the big ones come out and look at the smaller fish you've hooked? Don't worry, cause they'll start chowing down hard soon as well! Murdich minnows, Midnight minnows, Bennet's Lunch Money, Clousers and whatever other minnow you want to try are the best bet. Chartreuse and bright colors are the ticket right now. For topwater try black on cloudy days, chartreuse, white and orange any other time. Keep switching it up and trying different colors. They change what they want throughout the day. Retrieve is everything with smallies, so keep changing up how that fly moves through the water.