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Fishing Report

Please be aware of Redds!! It is our job as anglers to make sure we protect the health of our fisheries for ourselves and future generations. Please know what a Redd looks like and keep an eye out on every trout stream you frequent. To play it safe, stay off the gravel in a stream whenever possible until April.

Here's some info and pictures if you don't know what to look for: http://www.ginkandgasoline.com/trout-fishing/dont-tread-on-my-redd-3/


 8-6-18  Beaver Creek: 

 Beaver Creek is looking better. There's enough visibility now to fish terrestrials and nymphs. More rain is in the forecast for the end of the week and into next week so it may come back up.


Big Hunting Creek:

Water levels are great but please be aware of temperatures. All of this rain leads to warm water flowing over the dam. Temps got up to 72 on 8/1 which would be fatal to any fish you catch. They are back down now and should be good. You can always check the gauge here https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv/?site_no=01640975